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clouds clearing, cubs multiplying

Ever since the cat ladies returned to Petsmart - a large chain of pet supply stores here in the US - I may finally reclaim Ian's house from the dozen cats currently squatting there.

I was able to adopt out two from my house several weeks ago, and two more last Friday. Of course, the trick is to not take in more, but Rachel* has been duly warned that from now on I'm going to Just Say No to more felines. And I've purchased the supplies needed to make the outdoor catio 100% inescapable. 

For those who don't know what a catio is, it's a large outdoor enclosure for cats. They tend to look like chicken coops.  Some have an entry through a window (mine does - see photo below, where Tiki is refusing  re-entry to Starlet).  I think she is saying "You Shall Not Pass" in cat language. 


Tiki has since been adopted out to a single older man, who has renamed her Tootsie and is spoiling her.

Also, after a couple of delays, I think I am finally going to move my mother to a better nursing home (aka "skilled nursing facility") soon.  I had a call from the facility today as a heads-up, saying that a room should be available by August.

The new place is only four miles from my current house, and is also convenient to my nieces and one of my aunts, who is my mother's youngest sister. This particular aunt is a pain in the ass, although she's married to someone I like very much. But the more visitors for my mother, the better. I even plan to take Toby the cat and any kitten I can borrow over to see her when she's settled.

Hopefully this will give me more renovating time. Ian's house needs a lot of work, but I am making very little progress on the two worst rooms. I haven't even removed all of the vile carpet from the sunroom, and the bathroom is on hold as the spare bathroom - the one I will need to use when reflooring the master bathroom - has problems. Namely, the valve that controls the water from going to the bathtub to the shower is blooey, and it's so rusted in place that I haven't been able to replace it. 

I also may have a replacement for the Cub - I'm still in the interviewing stage - so watch this naughty space.

Regarding the kidney donation, I have a doctor's appointment later this week, but physical and ethical concerns are mounting. Choosing the person who gets the kidney (if my doctor okays it) is problematic. On one hand, I could donate and tell the transplant facility to choose a recipient. But what if the recipient runs dogfighting rings, or is a neo-conservative, or wears polyester? And my understanding is that the entire procedure is easier to handle when you know the person who's getting your kidney. Perhaps I should call my former Anglican priest. He's retired now, but I can't think of anyone else to speak to. Especially since my therapist decamped. 

* See The Usual Suspects at right. 


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