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Just one. I'm trying to quit.

When I lived in the UK, I began reading my landlord's copies of the New Scientist. There isn't an American version, so it's a bit difficult to explain the content. Suffice it to say that it's written in a manner that I can understand, except for some of the articles about physics theories. 

Last month I read an article about kidney transplants; specifically, about people who donate kidneys for compassionate reasons. Now I can't stop thinking about doing this myself. It doesn't seem that much of a sacrifice - a few weeks of recovery, versus someone dying needlessly after dialysis stops working. 

I found a blog written by someone who decided to donate a kidney. She ended up having to take four weeks off work, but she had no regrets. 

It's difficult to spend a lot of time thinking about the situation, as there's not a lot to consider. I've considered that not all transplants work, and that I could go through the surgery only to learn that I didn't help anyone. But this doesn't deter me. My only hesitation is that I want to make 100% sure of my motivation. I'm not that a big a fan of the human race, so why does this feel like something I need to do?

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