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bronchitis with a silver lining

With the exception of my 2013 bout of pneumonia, I've just missed the most days of work I can remember.

I work up coughing last Saturday, and by Sunday had retired to my bed with a vile cough and 102F after a visit to the local urgent care doc. I returned to my own doctor three days later as I was desperate for some sleep, but couldn't stop coughing. And although the fever had dissipated, I was beginning to fear more pneumonia. But he told me to relax, and assured me that I would not die at home and be eaten by my cat (he actually said that last part). He also gave me some cough suppressants so I finally got some rest. This turned things around pretty quickly.

Fever dreams are much more fun as you age. I still remember what nightmares I would have as a feverish child; I still remember one in which I was drowning in Cheerios. But this week's dream roster included a three-way in an unplugged sauna with two other women, and a travel itinerary with actor Damian Lewis that included a test flight in an aircraft that resembled a Harrier jump jet before we pursued some other, adults-only action.

Since I don't particularly care for Damian Lewis, I found the the female threesome dream to be considerably hotter.

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