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My golfing round with 007

Last night I had an odd dream (I don't know why I say "an odd dream" - they're always odd). I ended up playing golf with the actor Daniel Craig.

This made a nice change from Jeremy Irons, who appears in dreams occasionally and is always chasing me. Usually we are running through the narrow alleys adjacent to the Central district of Hong Kong. Eventually he catches up with me, but he's not violent. Instead, he grabs my arms, looks me in the eye, and keeps asking me, "Who are you?"  I think he's a reasonable actor but he reminds me of a despondent beagle. I have no idea why he invades dreams, any more than I have the occasional dream where I hit a bump and go flying out of my car.

But back to last night and Daniel Craig. 

I was at a posh beach resort with my mother. We were both considerably younger than we are now. I suggested we go for a swim, but she passed. After I got back to our room, I realized she'd packed up and gone home.  I was a bit hurt, but didn't try to contact her.

Later in the day, I decide to visit the resort's golf course on my own, as I'm about to return home the next day. The course is deserted as it will be difficult to play all 18 holes before sundown, but I'm still paired up with another golfer, who I recognize as the actor Daniel Craig. I decide to act as if I don't know who he is.

I don't remember much of the game except that I beat him, which didn't seem to bother him. There wasn't any flirting. But just before I departed, I began begging him to continue making James Bond films. He eventually nodded. He wasn't even offended when I added, "even though Sean Connery will always be my favorite Bond."

Any guesses why I would dream this? Leave a comment if you like. Anonymous is okay. 

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