Melina yields to temptation

I'm going to test drive a couple of motorcycles this weekend.


Wardrobe malfunction and resulting photo op

Last night I journeyed to darkest Mesquite and met up with some fellow cat ladies. Barbara was celebrating the end of her chemo treatments, but she didn't feel like driving far, so we went to her neck of the woods and met up at the local Chili's.

While in the bar, several of us noticed a 250-pound bar patron with an unfortunate choice of wardrobe. Of course, those with smart phones took photos like the one below.

I'm afraid I was not able to improve the photo in Photoshop, but you get the drift.

Hope it doesn't spoil your lunch or dinner.



Minimalist living

Last week I read an article about a couple who had decided to declutter their lives in a major way. The upshot of the story is that one can keep more of their money by minimizing their stuff, and also have more time for non-capitalist pursuits.

The catalyst for this had been an article that challenged readers to live with no more than 100 possessions. Thinking about the stuff currently in my house, I think my shoe collection would kill about half of the 100 item limit. So it's certainly an incentive to think about what you really want around.

I began making a list of 100 gotta haves. So far it includes:

  • An iPod
  • Kiehl's Silk Hair Groom
  • A Sonicaire toothbrush
  • My car
  • Several cats (let's say four)
  • A stereo
  • My piano
  • A Macbook Pro laptop
  • A digital camera
  • Two pair of Josef Seibel sandals
  • My music CDs (will need to consolidate)
  • Assorted slutty lingerie
  • A coffee maker
  • Central air conditioning




Horoscopes gone wild


I was clearing out my junk mail filters and found my weekly horoscope from a Web site called The Frisky:

If someone is going to play games, go ahead; play them back, but harder. If they do confusing, you can do it better. If they play evasive, do it like a pro. Sure, playing games never brings the best results, but these are not normal times and sometimes bringing out your worst is how to bring out another’s best. Think of it like a screwed-up way of getting your yin and yang balanced.   

I'm not sure what this is all about, since I don't consider myself currently involved with any game-players.

I suppose I should stick to reading The Economist while eating my Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake.



Rapping rodents

Even though I'm not in the market for a new car, I found myself actually liking this ad for Kia's Soul.

A one-minute high-def version is posted here (the TV version is 30 seconds long).

If you look closely, they've even changed the NYC street sign to read Hamsterdam Avenue. And the 1-minute version even has a few dancing hamsterettes in pink miniskirts thrown in. One can't leave chicks out of a rap video.

Working in an ad agency again, I can't help but wonder how that creative pitch went. To put it another way, how does someone stand up in front of a room full of executives and say "we want to put hamsters in your products"?

Anyway, after they got Kia's blessing, it took a studio three months to make the computer-generated hamsters.

More here:

Framestore has spent three months creating 45 photoreal CG rodent rap stars for David & Goliath’s hilarious new Kia Soul spot, This or That.