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Slouching towards La Guardia

For the last couple of months, Ian* has been suggesting that I go up to NY and visit him. I eventually took a few days off work and flew north. 

The visit didn't start badly, although he showed up at the airport in a new BMW X5 that I didn't know anything about. Turns out he had leased it in the expectation of turning in his VW. He's making quite a profit on the VW deal since it was one of the "hacked" diesels, and VW is buying his Passat back for quite a bit more than he paid.

But my timing wasn't very good. Ian had just learned that he hadn't gotten the promotion he'd asked for; instead, a younger person was brought in and was being paid $40k more than Ian. So he was angry and wounded. We talked about it for a couple of hours, which I didn't mind. We Idealist Counselors know our role in life. 

The next day we went to the 9/11 memorial and museum. A couple of the museum exhibits upset me to the point of tears. But Ian didn't notice. 

The next day Ian spent most of his time on the phone with his insurance agent, the BMW dealership, and his daughter. She was having some sort of crisis coaching her teenage lacrosse team. I began to feel as if I were in the way. 

The last day of my visit, we took a ferry from New Jersey's Liberty Park to Ellis Island. Being an amateur genealogist, I liked this quite a bit. The main building had been restored and made into a museum. Afterwards we sat outside and talked while we waited for the ferry back, and this was about the height of our interaction.

On the ferry ride back I tried to take a photo of the both of us, mainly because I don't have one and I wanted one. But he flat-out refused to cooperate. I ended up with a photo that described the state of things pretty well; I was smiling at the camera and appearing foolish while Ian stood behind me, glaring at the Hudson and half-turned away from me.

We never had sex although I did try a couple of gestures that, in the past, had worked pretty well. I confess I nosed around his apartment searching for his Cialis prescription, but the bottle wasn't there. I didn't ask him where it was. 

The next morning he went to work and I took an Uber to La Guardia. 

More later; I'm still feeling a certain sense of ennui about the situation and undecided what to do.

* See The Usual Suspects at right.

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